Apartment Communities


Each of our apartment communities has something special to offer. From the park-like feel at Clovis’ Trailside Apartments to the glimmering pools at Modesto’s Northwood Place.

The Central Valley

With California’s population becoming more saturated along its coastlines. The Central Valley is becoming the latest and greatest in California’s population growth. Once only farmland, The Central Valley has now become one of California’s considerable places to live. From the well planned traffic routes to the spacious open valley that allows for growth without suffocating it’s residents, more people are agreeing that the Central Valley has never had more to offer.

Maintaining a very dry climate all year long allows for warmer winters and comfortable summer days. You’ll truly have an excuse to use one of our remarkably kept pools. Our park-like grounds also offer a great place for afternoon picnics. After you enjoy one of our Springs and Falls, we are certain you’ll love the Central Valley the way we love the Central Valley. 


One of the best parts of living in the Central Valley of California is well… being Central. Take a reasonable four hour drive to Southern California to enjoy a weekend within arms reach. More of a Central Coast kinda person? A short three hour drive makes for an excellent day or weekend trip to the coast. But best of all… in our opinions… take a 30-60 minute drive to one of many of the nearby lakes.