CenCal Property Management

About Us

CenCal Property Management, Inc. started organically in 2012 specializing in residential and commercial property management.  As property managers, we believe in Asset Management to drive recurring income and increase property values.

The goal of CPM is to save you time, money, and stress when dealing with prospects, tenants, and maintenance and repair issues. CPM is one of the most innovative and value-driven property management companies in the Central Valley. You can rely on our team to screen tenants, market your vacancies and take care of maintenance and repairs.

CPM provides full-service property management for office, industrial, apartment and single family properties—driven by pursuing long term goals over short term benefits. We achieve our goals by hiring the best employees, then providing them with the tools they need to deliver the best-in-class service and experiences. CPM operates with high standards, authentic values and a commitment to be at the forefront of service and innovation.

About The Owners

Brett Fugman

Co-Founder / Broker

Brett D. Fugman started his real estate career in 1989 in property management with The Irvine Company before moving back to his home town of Fresno to work at Fortune Associates within the Commercial Real Estate Division. From 1995 through today Brett has been developing, acquiring and managing properties within multiple disciplines of commercial, retail, industrial, multi-family and single-family properties. Brett is a graduate from University of Southern California with a degree from the Marshall School of Business with a minor in Real Property Management and Development. Brett is married with two children and resides in Fresno, California.

Erin McIlhatton

Co-Founder / CPA

Erin McIlhatton started CenCal Property Management with his business partner after determining a need for a property manager to manage all of their personal properties. After a successful run of their own, Erin and Brett decided to take on new properties consisting of both residential and commercial spaces. Erin prosperously manages all accounting aspects of CenCal Property Management.

Our Team

Kevin Bono

Commercial Property Manager

(559) 389-0084 ext. 102 kevinbono@cencalpm.com

Kelly Thomas

Apartment Property Manager

(559) 389-0084 ext. 103 kthomas@cencalpm.com

Connor Fugman

Residential Property Manager

(559) 389-0084 ext. 101 cfugman@cencalpm.com

Cindy Martineau

Accounting Department

(559) 389-0084 ext. 107 cmartineau@cencalpm.com

Robert McIlhatton

Property Manager

(559) 389-0084 ext. 104 robert@cencalpm.com

Jennifer South

Woodbridge Apartments Manager

(559) 299-5811 | Onsite Office jsouth@cencalpm.com

Alicia Batista

Accounting Department

(559) 389-0084 ext. 108 alicia@cencalpm.com

Robyn Tesnear

Countryside Apartments Manager

(559) 297-7924 | Onsite Office rtesnear@cencalpm.com

Sarah Spraggins

Sierra Meadows Apartment Manager

(559) 298-1977 | Onsite Office sspraggins@cencalpm.com

Cheyenne Marshall

Assistant Apartment Manager

(559) 299-5811 | Onsite Office cmarshall@cencalpm.com

Narciso (Cheech) Gallegos

Residential Field Agent

(559) 389-0084 ext. 100 support@cencalpm.com

Sidney Mortier

Customer Service Rep.

(559) 389-0084 ext. 100 sidney@cencalpm.com